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Advanced technology

We have the technical capability in the construction field -
1. It has the ability to mass automobile production line contract, and has reached the same level of world-class companies.
2. In the design and manufacturing technology coating line, assembly line, machine transport lines, with water-soluble paint, friction drive, the new machine transport system, the core technology, and mass production of automatic control technology, and has a reliable manufacturing ability. The reliability of the production line running stability, the core part of life, the products quality standards are up to international standards.
3. By undertake joint ventures in Europe and America, the Japanese joint venture, it has acquired a developed automobile production process characteristics, quality standards, management techniques, in order to undertake the project of domestic brands to provide technical assurance.
4. The technical capability lean design
A. Energy consumption indicators, area index, the investment index did most lean
B. In plant design, steel consumption indicators buildings can achieve the most lean.
Specialized production equipment


Painting gas incinerator
Rotating roller bed
BIW welding wire
Plate chain conveyor assembly line
Interior reticle assembly line
Welding fixture
Painting pendulum conveyor line
Duplexes transitional Machine
Fork transfer machine
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