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Project Details

Planning Scheme Design Description
Luoyang Peony Fairy Culture Creative Industrial Park project is located in the west of the southwest ring of Jianxi District of Luoyang, north of the West Eco-City. The land is adjacent to the secondary trunk road of the city in the north - the Guangwen South Road, next to the land of Ximagou Village in the south, adjacent to the branch road of the city - Guangxing Road in the west, about 50m from Wangxiang Avenue, and next to the auxiliary road of the Southwest Ring Highway in the west.
The land is of an irregular shape, which is about 800m from east to west, and about 500m from north to south. The land in the east of Wang Xiang River has a planned construction area of 148,983.683 square meters (about 223.476 mu). The land in the west of Wangxiang River has a planned construction area of 42219.542 square meters (about 63.329 mu).
The construction land area is about 150,000 square meters, the planned plot ratio is 1.23, and the total planned floor area is about 210,000 square meters. The area is divided into two parts: performance area and supporting cultural industrial park, and the residential area.

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