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Project Details

SGMW Liuzhou Project
The painting workshop project is a general contracting project won by our company through the international bidding organized by GM North America. The production program of project involves 300,000 cars, with a floor area of more than 75,000 square meters. The content of the EPC contract includes plant construction, utility systems and all production equipment. The line fully meets the US GM's global technology standards, representing the world's most advanced car painting level. After the commissioning, the one-time offline pass rate will be over 90%, and the starting rate will be higher than 95%. In the one year after being put into production, the project had created a record high of more than 150,000 of design capacity. With its advanced technology and its influence in the industry, the project has won the Science and Technology Award in China's auto industry, Outstanding Silver Key EPC project Award, and Science and Technology Award of the Machinery Industry.
The engineering design and the general contracting of the process equipment of the assembly plant renovation project were completed by our company. The process equipment is in full accordance with the US GM’s technological standards, and with its 156-day construction period, it has won the praises of domestic and foreign experts.

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