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Steam Engineering obtained Volvo Best Supplier Award again

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November 20, 2015, Volvo Cars 2015 Asia Supplier Conference held in Hangzhou, Chen Yong, deputy general manager and chairman have the right to be invited to participate. Mr. Geert Bruyneel, vice president of Asia-Pacific Sourcing Manufacturing VOLVO announced: Steam works since the outstanding performance VOLVO Daqing factory welding, painting, assembly plant project was awarded the 2015 Best Supplier Year VOLVO (Excellent Supplier) Awards, and personally to Director Chen long presentation. This is my company after 2013 Volvo VQE get awards, honors again from VOLVO, to enhance the company's brand image, and thus widely expanding internationally renowned automotive welding Group, painting, assembly business has very important significance.
Recalling the past two years, Daqing Volvo Cars manufacturing company in the country as VOLVO second vehicle manufacturing plant project, to undertake a project in the steam delivery device body shop, paint shop coating production lines, assembly plant conveying equipment and other general contracting work to achieve full coverage of the company and to expand the Volvo body shop, paint shop, assembly shop business areas. To undertake the project process, Chen, chairman of the right to personal command, painting Academy of Engineering Academy of Engineering and Technology project team in technology, business and project management aspects surrendered order VOLVO satisfactory answer.
Volvo obtained Excellent Supplier Award again is VOLVO company's high degree of recognition in the project implementation process, the company's quality management system, project management system and core manufacturing management system to give a full range of tests. Since the implementation of the first phase of the project has been highly appreciated by Volvo, currently, Volvo Daqing new SPA platform welding, painting and final assembly II project has been in full swing, we will redouble their efforts, writing a brilliant base in Daqing VOLVO II project, Volvo is truly a global strategic partner.

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