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Talent Strategy

"Appreciating use, only the best" is our employment purposes,
"To attract talent, develop talent" is our consistent policy.
"Committed to the enterprise, staff quality improvement; commitment to corporate, employee benefits grow faster;
Committed to the enterprise, employees form the core competence; committed to the enterprise, employees to the success of environmental construction. "

Talents, as the first resource, are the basis for the development and competition of an enterprise. In the SCIVIC Engineering Corporation, there is a broad space for personal development, good environment for personal growth, effective performance appraisal mechanism, rich corporate culture and generous welfare benefits; also, there is a complete HR management system for talent recruitment, selection, use and development. Through introduction, cultivation and training, we have created a good HR atmosphere to provide chance for talents and make good use of their skills based on the talent incentive mechanism. At the same time, we attach great importance to the continuous improvement in the staff structure to improve our overall function and competitive strength. By adhering to the overall planning and scientific arrangement of positions, we evaluate the staff through performance appraisal, motivate the staff with career development, retain the staff with good security and develop the staff with training in order to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, make their quality adapt to the enterprise’s strategic goal and their responsibilities. By this way, every one with dreams and capabilities can fully play their roles at their posts and realize their ambitions!

Every employee of SCIVIC Engineering Corporation will have…
Enterprise value of identity, cause of a sense of belonging,
Struggle sense of accomplishment, a sense of life security.


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